Why Faster Campaigns?

Establishing your own merchant account/payment gateway solution is the most seamless and cost-effective way to raise money and manage transactions online.

Combine that with a personalized approach to support and a sophisticated suite of tools, and you’ve got FasterCampaigns – A simple way to get big results. Need more convincing? 

Keep more of what you earn.

FasterCampaigns is a low cost option compared to the many payment aggregator services that tack on higher per-transaction fees.

Ensure donor/customer clarity and confidence.

When donors and customers review their bank or credit card statements, it’s your name that that appears alongside a transaction.

Get immediate access to your funds.

With an aggregator service, you will typically wait a number of days before payments are deposited into your bank account. With FasterCampaigns, the transfer of funds is immediate and you easily track your account activity in the payment management system.

Say good bye to accounting headaches.

Many aggregator services take their fees prior to depositing your funds.  This causes major headaches when it’s time to reconcile your accounts. 

Change services. Keep your payment gateway/merchant account

Once your merchant account and payment gateway has been established, they’re yours to maintain. If you want to leave FasterCampaigns and use another online donation management system, you can simply walk away. Not that we’d encourage such thing! We just want you to know it’s an option.


Learn more about FasterCampaigns, our customers and how you can get started today!